Da Hogs! – That's O-line Love

“Way to go, Hogs!” was the yell. Not quite sure who yelled it, but i knew she meant it with all due respect. The offensive line gave Matt Hudson time to throw six touchdown passes and the running backs some pretty good running room.

We had alumni from the Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Columbus (OH), and Wilmington (OH) areas at the game. Olmy Olmstead ’04 came with his family and his grandparents – they are die-hard Wabash fans and GREAT tailgaters!

With the first game jitters behind us, we’re ready to play some football!

Tom Bambrey '68 – The Standing "O"

Yesterday in Chapel Dean of Students Mike Raters ’85 did a great job of communicating the challenges and opportunities of the Gentleman’s Rule.  Before that, he spent just a little time thanking those who came before him.

Mike, of course, mentioned the legend – Norm Moore.  Mike also thanked his predecessor – Tom Bambrey ’68 – for all Tom has done for our College, our students, and for helping to prepare Mike for his move to the position. At the conclusion of Mike’s remarks, the entire Chapel provided a long and vigorous standing “O” for Tom. He was visibly moved by the acknowledgement – a neat Wabash moment.  

Mike Raters '85 – the Gentleman's Rule

Dean of Students Mike Raters ’85 looks right into the soul of some freshmen as he talked about the Gentleman’s Rule in Chapel today.

Mike did a great job – drawing on his experiences as a student and his “exchanges” with legendary Dean of Students Norm Moore. Mike’s realistic look at implementation of the Gentleman’s Rule in this day and age was spot on – I know his message resonated with everyone at Chapel.

Can you imagine what Mike must feel? Twenty three years ago he was sitting on the other side of the lectern and now he’s “that Dean”.

My guess is that someday, long after I’m gone, they’ll be talking about that legendary Dean Mike Raters. You saw it here first.

Photo: Travis Janeway ’09 looks on as Dean Mike Raters speaks right to the freshmen in the balcony.

Art Howe '82 – Reporting from Italy

Art Howe ’82 sent this to me yesterday…

“When I was visiting the College in early June, I stopped by to chat with Bill Placher, who told me that he was doing some work on one of the early fathers of the Christian church. I mentioned that my bride Kathie and I likely would be in Norcia, Italy (the birthplace of Benedict) in a couple of weeks. Bill alerted me that one or two of our alums might be in Norcia. Bryan Gonzales ’03 had been working as a lay employee at a Benedictine monastery in town. Bryan was finishing his time there to head onto to graduate studies in divinity in Vienna and Homer Twigg ’08 would be arriving to take his place.

When we were honeymooning in Umbria in late June, Kathie and I drove through Norcia en route to Sibillini National Park. Although I did not have a phone number or street address for Bryan and Homer, Bill Placher, back at Wabash, had pulled out a photo of the town square and had pointed out to the building where they would be working. That was enough for me to pick out the building and to walk in.

When we stopped in, both Bryan and Homer were there. Homer had just arrived a few days earlier and Bryan was about to leave the next week to head to Vienna for graduate school. Kathie and I enjoyed having lunch with them at a local restaurant, the Trattoria Tipica Dal Francese, where Bryan had become an adopted son of the owners. The meal was excellent. Norcia is famous for its meats and truffles. (The word for butcher in Italian is norcino, named after the town.)

While I had not met Bryan before, Homer and I first had crossed paths when I had introduced Buddhist monk Tan Jotipalo ’88 on his visit back to the College in November 2004. Back in April of this year I ran into Homer outside of Bill Placher’s office. We chatted about his time in studying abroad in India. When I asked him what he was planning to do after Wabash, he said that he didn’t yet know. Neither of us had anticipated that we would cross paths again in two months’ time in Norcia, Italy.”

It’s a small Wabash world, as I have said many times. Thanks Art!

Photo: Bryan, Homer, Art in Norcia, Italy.

John Harvey '86 Named Vice President

John Harvey ’86, pastor of the Serenity Christian Church in Hazel Park, Michigan, has been elected as the Vice President of the National Convocation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). For more on the National Convocation, click here.

John received an AB in Philosophy and Religion from Wabash and earned a Masters in Divinity from Yale University. He was a Lilly Scholar at Wabash.

Congratulations John – well done!

Jim Roper '68 and Son Jesse

Talk about a range of emotions. That’s Jim Roper ’68 and his son Jesse at Fort Carson in Colorado. Jesse is on the way to Iraq and Jim was there to send him off.

I think I know Jim well enough to know that he is immensely proud of his son. And absolutely thrilled that Jesse is serving in the Armed Forces, just like his father. But I also know that Jim’s a great Dad and its tough for any Dad to send his son off to war. I think I know what Jim is thinking – Jim would want to go in his place.

One More Bench Update – Kappa Sigs

Yesterday, the bench was covered with a tarp…wet day…needed to protect the masterpiece…


we had the opportunity to see the Kappa Sig’s artwork. Nicely done, especially the star. The rain/moisture played a little havoc…

but not so much as to wash away the Kappa Sig message…

“The Star shall not be worn by every man…”†

Bench Update – Lambda Chis

Last Saturday I dropped by the senior bench-no guards that morning. As you can see, the Lambda Chis had been there.

The paint scheme is very interesting. We lost Patrick last year-a year when the new Lambda Chi pledge class would have been in high school. The dynamics of having them painting a remembrance of Patrick on the bench are interesting…

That sort of thing only happens at a few places-thankfully we’re one of them…

Mike Warren '93 – That's COACH Warren

Mike Warren ’93 (on left) could never sit in the stands and watch a Wabash football game..he needed to be as close to the action as possible. Well, he is…in one way.

Mike, currently associate director of Alumni and Parent Relations, is also an football coach this year on Coach Raeburn’s staff. Mike is coaching the secondary for defensive coordinator Jake Gilbert ’93. The other coach in the picture may be hard to recognize without a helmet on – that’s superstar linebacker Adi Pynenberg ’08. Adi is a coach-intern this year as well.

So…the move to the press box is farther from the field but Mike is much closer to the action. And, if the daily smile is any indication, he’s having a great time!

Rick Warner – New Assoc. Dean of Students

After it all came together, new Dean of Students Mike Raters ’85 and the student body were the big winners. With the naming of Professor Rick Warner as the Assoc. Dean of Students, everyone on campus was surprised…and excited.

I stopped by the Deans office, unannounced, to get a couple of photos of Rick. As I rounded the corner, I think I got the exact same look our guys will get if they make an “official” visit to Dean Warner’s office. Right then and there I knew I needed to be a good person…and find a way to trash my official transcript.

However, he quickly realized I was beyond help and gave me that smile that says “I’m having the time of my life!” OK, so he was smiling at Sherry Ross and not at me but that’s fine.

Rick Warner – a smile of his face, a new thin look, and enough charisma, leadership, and style to handle it with ease. We’re really lucky to have him on board…in this new role.