Rick Warner – New Assoc. Dean of Students

After it all came together, new Dean of Students Mike Raters ’85 and the student body were the big winners. With the naming of Professor Rick Warner as the Assoc. Dean of Students, everyone on campus was surprised…and excited.

I stopped by the Deans office, unannounced, to get a couple of photos of Rick. As I rounded the corner, I think I got the exact same look our guys will get if they make an “official” visit to Dean Warner’s office. Right then and there I knew I needed to be a good person…and find a way to trash my official transcript.

However, he quickly realized I was beyond help and gave me that smile that says “I’m having the time of my life!” OK, so he was smiling at Sherry Ross and not at me but that’s fine.

Rick Warner – a smile of his face, a new thin look, and enough charisma, leadership, and style to handle it with ease. We’re really lucky to have him on board…in this new role.