I was pretty sure this day would never come. After all, something told me that Ginny Hays just might live forever. It’s that way with all lovely young women who are timeless wonders…and Ginny certainly was.

Ginny continued the commitment to and love for our Alma Mater that has been in the Hays family for decades. I know that will continue – the entire family loves this College. In turn, we stand beside them mourning this loss as one big family.

I was at Kenyon when they announced on Saturday that their alumnus Paul Newman had passed away. It’s almost fitting that Ginny, with her fond memories of Hollywood, finally decided it was time to make the journey up North.

It’s a sad day…very sad…but there’s also just a wee bit of happiness as well. I always felt that Ginny, without her ever saying it, was looking forward to the day when she could be reunited with “her Bill”.

She is now…and forever.

Ginny Hays – truly Some Little Giant.

Photo: Ginny Hays at a Monon Bell game a couple of years ago.