“Asleep with Heroes.” That was the title of the email I received. That simple marker at Arlington National Cemetery marks Bob’s final resting place.

Bob fought the Big “C” longer than anyone I know…he was the patient who simply amazed his doctors.

Bob was a driving force with our DC area regional group. He helped get the group off the ground and found a meeting place for their luncheons “back in the day”. When we started the Jim Graham Externship Program a few years ago, Bob was one of the first to host an extern at work. In those days Bob was involved in some sensitive programs dealing with terrorist activity – I was and still am amazed at the access he was able to get for our young men.

Bob Armstrong – St. Peter and the Big Guy no doubt know he served his Country and his College well. I guess the email should read “asleep amongst other heroes”.

(Thanks to Alison Kothe on our staff for forwarding the email!)