Another small world story – from Dick Havel '57

Dick Havel ’57 and his wife travel fairly often these days and they like to take long trips on ships. In fact, they have been around the world several times.

On a recent 72 day trip around South America, they had a chance to dine with one of the guest lecturers on the cruise – the Washington Post’s Dave Broder. Broder writes on politics and is a frequent guest on Meet The Press.

As the conversation continued, the subject made it way to Wabash College and Crawfordsville, Indiana. Ann, Broder’s wife, knew Wabash fairly well. She had a relative in the Crawfordsville area and knew a number of the Wabash presidents. It turns out she even dragged her husband to a Monon Bell Game!

Small Wabash world!

  1. jean crawford

    Actually Ann Broder grew up in Crawfordsville (as did I), graduated from C’ville H.S. and went to the Univ. oc Chicago where she meet David. She visited her mother frequently in C’ville and loved going to Wabash games because she was better known than David and would be introduced on the PA system when she attended.
    Before I arrived in Arlington, Va. where we both live, she had regaled people with Monon Bell, Wabash, and C’ville stories!! I think her “intimate” knowledge of Wabash may have come from extensive dating of Wabash men – so the lesson is, be good to townies – they tell stories long into the future!