What a party! The retirement party for “Johnson, Robert H.” was the best going away/retirement party I have seen since my days in the Air Force. Nothing else has come close.

Almost 400 people gathered at Knowling Fieldhouse Saturday night – some traveled from Idaho, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and Arkansas. Four of Rob’s five brothers and sisters were there. †Rob’s children were all there. †Pat Johnson was a very special guest. †Coach George Baldwin, Rob’s mentor and coach who encouraged Rob to become a coach, was there. †Wabash legends Stan Huntsman ’54, Max Servies ’58, Gail Pebworth and Chick Clements H’77 were in attendance. There must have been 100 Wabash alumni who ran for Coach there. He touched the hearts of thousands of Wabash men.†

Coach probably didn’t invent the term “student-athlete” – but he sure made it an everyday practice at Wabash.

The greatest comment you can make about someone is that they leave a place in better shape than they found it. †Rob’s done that and he’s taken it one step farther. †He’s left everyone he’s touched a better person – you can’t ask more than that!

Rob Johnson H’77 – Some Little Giant!