Yesterday I had another checkup with my doctor and classmate, Dr. Trey Holland ’71. Here’s the Cliff Notes version of my story…

If yours truly would not have taken the PSA (no symptoms, just thought it was “time”), and Trey had not been proactive about determining what was causing an elevated PSA, I would be a ticking time bomb, so to speak. When it comes to prostate cancer, by the time you get real symptoms it’s probably too late to eradicate the disease.

So, if you’re in the Class of 1979 or earlier, get a PSA test. If you’re the Class of 1990 or earlier and your family has a history of prostate problems, get a PSA test. The PSA is a simple blood test that takes you one minute – no fasting, no prep, nothing. Get a doctor’s order and get it done. Discuss the results with your family doc.

And I hope your doc is a Wabash guy…a guy just like Trey Holland.