Sphinx Club Pledges – Dancing With The Stars!?!

Last night, for some strange reason, I didn’t take my camera to the basketball game. So, when the Sphinx Club pledges, instead of building a pyramid of bodies and spelling W-A-B-A-S-H on the floor, jumped into a dance routine, I was caught with only the camera in my phone.

I was impressed! None of them will make a living dancing, but they did a pretty good job. And, as you can imagine, the crowd went WILD!

BTW: that’s Will Hoffman ’10, second from the left. Will works in our office as a student worker. Don’t tell anyone, we don’t want to embarrass him, but he’s a great young man.

  1. Tom — Thanks for the great photo!! And we agree with your comment about Will Hoffman. This note should embarrass him even more. 🙂 — Howard Hoffman, Will’s Dad