Great Crowd for Witt

We had a great crowd for the Witt game – regardless of the fact it was fall break!

Some classes had tailgate parties to help boost attendance – 1966, 1967, and 1991. The Celebration of Wabash Football also brought many others. As Coach Creighton said: “It was a football crowd – a loud football crowd!”

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  1. David Hayhurst '83

    Dear Tom,
    Thanks so much for organizing such a great reception, dinner, and program ( not to mention a pretty good game!)
    If another occasion like that comes up again I will definitely “recruit” as many guys and families as I can.
    The emotion of the moment hindered me from thanking the faculty for their unending desire to see all of us succeed as men. Their wisdom and loyalty to their students and the college is a big part of the Wabash Experience. I particularly think of Dr. Hearson and Prof. John Fisher. Dr. Hearson trusted me enough to open the Bio 5 lab after football games when I was a sophomore and just told me to turn the lights off when I was done with the extra studying. Prof. Fisher was our fraternity advisor and helped me when I was president of Lambda Chi. He also had us over to dinner several times and taught me what the second and third fork was for!
    After leaving ( Kurt Lightcap and I were the last to leave just like we were the last out of the locker room after a game) I walked around the mall before driving back to Evansville. I called my parents and thanked them again for the sacrifices they endured to send me to Wabash. I also called my Aunt Bonnie in Carmel and thanked her for the times I spent weekends with her and for the fried chicken she always made!
    I am more excited than ever to talk to young men about Wabash.
    Thanks again.