Peter Pactor '65 – Impact!

That’s Peter Pactor, popular but tough teacher in Fort Worth, Texas and class agent extraordinaire for the Class of 1965.

As of the end of the school year last year, Peter has been teaching for 41 years! That’s a long time by any measure.

The students he had in his first several classes are now members of AARP!

It takes a very special person to devote a lifetime to teaching and enjoy it as much as Peter. Peter is one of those rare people who finds good in everyone…and challenges them to do their absolute best.

Peter Pactor, Some Little Giant!

  1. Michael Victory

    As one of Mr. Pactor’s former students and advisees, I can testify to what a great impact he has made on the lives of so many students. Thank you Mr. Pactor for your contributions!
    I am currently trying to get in touch with Peter Pactor, so if anyone has his email, it would be appreciated.