Bet You Have One Of These At Home…Somewhere

Celebrating Pan-Hel 2007 – all 10 fraternities at Wabash. Same as in your day…the Golden Years of Wabash… Of course my classmates think that was in 1971 and a couple of years before. Others cite the 1980s…still others the 1950s.

Regardless, all of us smile and reflect back at traditions such as Pan-Hel. I was talking with an alumnus from the Class of 1983 just a few minutes ago. I asked how it was in his neck of the woods. He replied that the weather was great – as nice spring day. I reminded him about Pan-Hel this week and he quickly replied: "Wish I could be there!"

Yep – it’s a place that places memories on the edge of your mind for the rest of your life…