So…the question is sometimes asked: "Is a liberal arts college able to adjust and adapt in the modern day?"  Put another way – can a liberal arts college prepare someone for a state-of-the-art career?

Of course, we are always quick to reply. And I wanted to offer some proof. I could have looked for curriculum changes and other academic signs that Wabash is indeed meeting all the modern day needs of our students. However, I wanted something more. I wanted something that stated, really stated, that the entire campus community is involved in keeping the entire Wabash experience as modern as possible.

Then the light came on, so to speak.

I visited Center Hall, which has stood on the same site since Columbus discovered America or there about, and took a photo of the small porch on the east side. This entry way is so classic, so timeless, so Wabash.

Upon closer inspection? Checkout the state-of-the-art light bulb. Need I say more?