Just back from my fraternity reunion – the Madhatters of the 492nd Fighter Squadron. As you can see, the "official" hat is the English Bowler.

These guys all fought in Desert Storm I. The picture included "Too Cool", "Snake", "Hooter", and "Rat". †"Spaceman" and "Ack" were also there, as was "B-Ream", "Pierre" and others. A couple of those guys I hadn’t seen in 17 years – but it took a couple of nano-seconds for us all to be reacquainted. A special treat was "McGoo" – he’s the 492nd squadron commander now – in those days he was a Lt!

His guys were just back from combat in January. †He was so proud – the 492nd did some great work in very close quarters. †Sadly, they already know when they return – in less than 18 months. †No one complained and several of us old guys immediately volunteered to go. "McGoo" just smiled.

I smiled too as I left to return to home and reality. That reunion was great…no fantastic…just like my class’s 35th reunion coming up at the Bash will be. The 492nd reunion really brought home the importance of reunions…I’ll do everything in my power to make every one in the future…and the same is true for the Big Bash. Don’t miss it…