Kelvin Burzon

Kelvin Burzon ’12, a Filipino-American artist and educator, was recently featured in an Indianapolis Monthly article where he discussed art culture, fashion inspiration, and more.

Burzon’s work, which often explores the intersections of sexuality, race, gender, and religion, has been exhibited all over the country and abroad including Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Portland, Washington D.C., India, New Zealand, and China, according to his website.

His work is a part of several permanent collections including The Kinsey Institute and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. He’s presented his work at several conventions including the Society of Photographic Educations regional and national conferences as well as the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. 

Currently, he is teaching online at Ball State University and George Mason University in Virginia.  

When asked about what projects he’s currently working on, Burzon replied: “I think the better question is, what projects am I not working on? I always have several pots simmering on the burners, moving from one pot to another, until one is brought to a completion. My current bodies of work are ongoing and will probably keep living and evolving until there is a point in my life that I feel I’ve said all I can or that I’ve resolved the conversations internally.”

You can read the full Indianapolis Monthly Q&A here.

Burzon received his bachelor’s degree from Wabash College where he studied studio art and music and his Master of Fine Art degree from Indiana University’s School of Art + Design. While at Wabash, he was a member of Wamidan, Glee Club, Unidos por Sangre, and Kappa Sigma.