Hipólito Chacón ’85 Director of Montana Museum

Hipólito Chacón has been named director of the Montana Museum of Art & Culture at the University of Montana, where he has assumed responsibility for the 124-year-old institution’s collection of more than 11,000 pieces of art and cultural artifacts and its two exhibition galleries. A faculty member since 1994, Hipólito said he wants the museum to be a classroom, a laboratory, a space to see art and spark conversations.

Between his junior and senior years at Wabash, he interned at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, an experience he says “really sold me on the museum as a forum to learn and to explore and to play.” In graduate school, he weighed a choice between museums or academia. He chose the latter, and was hired at UM not long after graduating with his Ph.D.

Following his 1985 graduation from Wabash, Hipólito earned his graduate degree in art history and then his doctorate at the University of Chicago.

You can read more about Hipólito in the Missoulian.