Jeremy Hartnett ’96, Associate Professor of Classics at Wabash, and Jill Lamberton, Assistant Professor of English at Wabash, will each speak at a series of lectures Walla Walla University on May 20-23 for the WWU “Big Idea Talks” series.  Click here for the news release.


Hartnett _JJeremy earned his A.B. at Wabash (Classical Civilization) and his M.A. and Ph.D. at the University of Michigan (Classical Art and Archaeology).  He is the Anne and Andrew T. Ford Chair in Liberal Arts and the Department Chair in Classics.  His interests include Roman Urbanism and Social History; Herculaneum, Pompeii, and the Bay of Naples; Architecture and Urban Theory.




Jill is a 1996 graduate of WWU.  She earned a M.A. in English Studies (Victorian Literature) at Western Washington UniversityLambertonDirectory and a Ph.D. in English & Education (Rhetoric & Composition) and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan.  Jill is the Byron K. Trippet Assistant Professor of English and also teaches Rhetoric courses.


Professor Hartnett and Professor Lamberton are a team in real life, too, as spouses living with their family in Crawfordsville.



Congratulations, Jeremy and Jill!