Alan White ’60 and his wife, artist Barbra Brookie, purchased the Yountville Mill Inn & Garden just west of Crawfordsville, in 2009.  They have been busy in the years since, renovating the historic home, mill, gardens, and grounds, allowing the inn to continue its recent history as a bed and breakfast, guest house, meeting place, and grounds, as well as their personal home.

Yountsville Mill alan white

During the past year, Yountsville Mill became a learning venue for Ball State University anthropology and archaeology students, who worked on site to reconstruct landscape history of the mill, which was active 1851-1864.  The results of their digging and research will be presented and displayed at the February 26 opening of the exhibit “Yountsville Uncovered” at the Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County.  Click here for the details.  After the museum display ends in June, the Whites will display their finds in the old mill building itself.