Damon Carl ’03 and Matt Kriech ’00, with two other co-owners, opened with a storefront taproom on January 2 – a nano-brewery which sells carryout and in-house beer. They offer a unique twist — you will also be able to design your own beer and purchase small batches, from 5 to 45 gallons, for your next special event.  Click here for details such as hours, location, and ideas for custom brews. Wabash Brewing custom beer

Of course, the significance of “Wabash” in Indiana – including College, River, Canal, and others, inspired the name of their business as well as the names of the beers they offer.  Both Matt and Damon were chemistry majors at Wabash who went on to earn PhD’s, which they plan to use with analytical testing to come up with just the right brew for you!

Congratulations, Damon and Matt!



Logo courtesy of
Wabash Brewing.