Abbey Bullerdick is a member of the Campus Services Staff at Wabash, the department that keeps the campus in good running order for all who live, work, or visit on campus.  She also wears hats as the owner of Abbey Elaine Photography, and as a photographer for the local Paper of Montgomery County.

Last Saturday was Downtown Party Night in Crawfordsville, an annual event when the courthouse tree lights come on, Santa wanders through the stores, and shops and restaurants are open until 11pm.

In the middle of the decorations and fun, you couldn’t help but notice larger than life photographs of faces on the outside walls of the PNC bank building.  They were Abbey’s own photographs of the “Faces of MUFFY.”  MUFFY is similar to the United Way, but funds stay local to help support non-profit organizations in Montgomery County to aid children, families, adults, and seniors, with more than 90 percent of money raised by MUFFY used to help citizens in need.

Abbey’s outside portrait gallery features faces of people involved with and affected by MUFFY’s partner agencies/non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping Montgomery.  Wabash College’s students, faculty, and staff are leaders in supporting the MUFFY fundraising, including a doortodoor effort in the Fall.

Thank you, Abbey, for showing us the Faces of MUFFY.