Michael Carper ’13 was a Classics major at Wabash, and now he’s a Tech Analyst at the managed IT services company Apparatus in Indianapolis.

Click here to read the Techpoint.org online article about Michael’s natural progression from studying Classics to a career in Information Technology.  In between, he used his Wabash class experiences and internships as a student to achieve his position with Apparatus.

In the Techpoint article, Michael states, “The Latin and Greek studies help me with syntax and understanding how logical languages, including computer languages work.  I think all the liberal arts research and writing made me a good investigator, a problem solver, and that’s what IT is all about — collecting data, asking questions and deep diving to solve problems.”

Wabash Men at Apparatus include: Chris Rozzi ’90, Aman Brar ’99, founder and CEO Kelly Pfledderer ’96, Michael Carper ’13, Ben Frame ’03, Michael Tucker ’93, Brad Vest ’11, artist-in-residence Prof. Greg Huebner H’77, Eric Borgert ’97, Matt Vest ’08, and Sam Spoerle ’13.

Thank you to Classics Prof. Jeremy Hartnett ’96 for the news tip!




Photo by Kim Johnson