Brad Jones ’10 spent the summer on the road, teaming up with a fellow Boston University gastronomy student to travel the U.S. documenting discovery of food crafters, and now they are chronicling the trip through an anthology of online shorts of stories, videos, and journals about their experiences.  Click here to read about their project in the Boston Globe.

Brad was a history major at Wabash, studied abroad in Italy as a student, and was president of the Wabash Cooking Club.  He is currently a graduate student in the Master of Liberal Arts in Gastronomy program at Boston University.  He also works as a cheesemonger and buyer at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, MA — “the best cheese shop in the country!”

Brad Jones, left, and Chris Maggiolo stirring strawberry preserves at Quince and Apple in Madison, Wis. Credit: Sarah Makoski for the Zester Daily.

Their web site is To Cure the Food – which shows videos from their travels and even has an interactive road map of the food sites they visited.