Dr. Stephen Miller PhD ’64 on the history and future of Greece

Dr. Stephen Miller ’64 is Professor emeritus of Classical Archaeology at University of California Berkeley – Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology; Ancient Architecture; Greek Athletics.  After Wabash, he earned his Ph.D. at Princeton University.

He was recently interviewed for the web site in an article, “Coming up for air – After four decades of excavating Greece’s past, Dr Stephen Miller raises concerns about the country’s future.”

The lengthy interview included this question, with Steve’s answer:

“How did you first become interested in Greek history?
I went to a small, old-fashioned, all-male liberal arts school in Indiana called Wabash College. Every student must take a semester of biology, chemistry, physics etc. And two years of foreign language. I had opted for Latin in high school. I didn’t know what language I was going to take in college. For some reason I chose Ancient Greek. When my adviser asked me, “Why Ancient Greek?” I replied, “So I can read Plato in the original.” He said: “OK. That’s a good reason.”

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