Chuck Mack ’67 returned as a veteran of the Viet Nam war when he was injured in 1969.  He is a local businessman who owns Moe & Johnny’s Bar and Grill, a coffee/bar/restaurant in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis.

As a veteran, he has learned firsthand the intricacies and roadblocks that veterans must navigate in order to obtain benefits and aid available to them.  Chuck is a veteran who has joined with other veterans to establish Veterans Antiquities – which has many focuses in aiding vets:  “to stand up for themselves, to advocate for their fellow vets – and to repurpose what’s been cast aside in the march toward progress.”

Veterans Antiquities is a store that showcases work by veteran artists, and it teaches other veterans skills in creating art from repurposed materials.  Chuck Mack and Veterans Antiquities works with other community organizations to build off each other’s missions, in order to help veterans who need support and guidance.

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