Art Prof. Doug Calisch – featured at Antioch College

Prof. of Art Doug Calisch will be a co-exhibitor at an art exhibit at Antioch College, entitled “Tossed and Found – Mining the Material Stream.”  The exhibit runs September 6 – November 15, when Doug will participate in a dialogue at the closing reception regarding their art practices.

“Both Calisch and Goldstein begin their art-making process as scavengers. The repository of their potential resources differ somewhat; Calisch searches for old tools, architectural elements, scientific illustrations, and natural artifacts in abandoned buildings and junk stores. Goldstein explores post-consumer waste streams for objects “stripped of glamour, mystique, and marketing strategies.” They assemble these objects into new configurations that are driven by distinctively different sensibilities. Yet both approach the work as cultural archeologists and as critics of a society that hastens object and material.

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