Dr. Valerie Harvey Powell ’59 has co-authored a new book about medical/dental care:  Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data,  (Springer-UK, 2012).  A previously published book along the same topic is Rationale and Need to Articulate Medical and Dental Data.

Valerie spoke during a session of Colloquia:  Alumni Educating Alumni when she returned for Big Bash 2009:  “Currently medical records and data exist separate and distinct from dental records and data.  There are many potential intersections in which the medical records can inform the treatment of dental problems and vice versa. Unfortunately, there is no systematic information exchange at these intersections. This leads to a number of problems.”  Powell has traveled the country and presented her findings and recommendations to many groups in order to get some attention on the issue. She said, “Having two streams of care is not a recipe for patient safety and quality of care.”

Dr. Powell is University Professor of Computer and Information Systems at Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania. She majored in Philosophy and German at Wabash, and continued with advanced degrees in German and Germanic Studies, Philosophy, Linguistics, Computer Science, and Radiologic Technology.