The San Francisco ‘49ers have stamped their ticket to Super Bowl XVLII behind the instant successes and stardom of their quarterback, Colin Kaepernick #7. If you’ve followed the NFL at all this year, you undoubtedly know about the emergence of Kaepernick as the ‘49er signal caller. At least one Wabash man is very interested in Kaepernick’s successes — his sports agent Scott Smith ’93. Scott is the Founder and President of X-A-M Sports & Entertainment LLC in Madison, WI. At Wabash, Scott was a Philosophy major, a member of Phi Delta Theta, and played football.

And since we are on the topic of Wabash sports agents, one of the premier hitters in Major League Baseball over the past decade, Cincinnati Reds slugger Scott Rolen #27, is represented by Dave Taylor ’83, Indianapolis attorney and sports agent. At Wabash, Dave was a psychology major, a member of Beta Theta Pi, a member of the Sphinx Club, and played baseball.

Just two more great examples of what is possible with a Wabash liberal arts education!


Contributed by Steve Hoffman ’85.