Indiana native Ryan Feeback ’05 has been living and working in Nigeria since August, a long way from his Bluffton, IN hometown.

After Wabash graduation, Ryan earned a master’s degree in social work at Columbia University.  From there he moved up to management level in the Department of Veterans Affairs after working as an inpatient psychiatric social worker.  In spring, 2012, he went through a rigorous State Department hiring process to become a diplomat.  His first diplomatic assignment in August took him to Nigeria, where he adjudicates visas for entry into the United States, and cares for U. S. citizens who are overseas.  He is married and has a baby who was born just last spring.  Ryan will be on this assignment for two years and then return to the U.S. to await his next overseas assignment — wherever that may be in the world, it will still be a long way from Bluffton!