In June, Jim ‘60 and Charlotte Price walked halfway across Indiana from the Illinois State Line to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Indianapolis – just the two of them, 15 miles a day for five days – that’s 75 miles!  For purely personal enjoyment of the scenery and each other.   For his day job, Jim is first vice president of investments at Wells Fargo in Indianapolis.

Last Saturday they started a walk that will cover the eastern part of Indiana, starting at Monument Circle and heading for the Ohio State Line – that’s about an 80 mile walk.  This time they are walking for pleasure and to raise money for a few of their favorite charities.  They have covered this distance so far in three days:  Sept. 21, 7.5 miles; Sept. 22, 14.5 miles; Sept. 23, 11 miles.

Good luck, and we hope you will share your stories about your adventures when you finish the walk.  Jim and Charlotte Price — Some Little Giants!