Eric Stark ’88  is the Artistic Director of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir. He is also Professor of Music, Assistant Chair and Director of Graduate Studies at Butler University’s Jordan College of Fine Arts.   A music major at Wabash, he earned his doctoral degree in choral conducting from Indiana University.  In addition to his musical talent, Eric is a volunteer for Angel Flight, a non-profit network of pilots providing free air transportation for those with medical needs, and he teaches an honors seminar at Butler on the first century of powered flight.

As part of the year-long celebration of the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir’s 75th th season, the ISC has released a CD of Felix Mendelssohn’s oratorio Elija, recorded live in concert in June 2007 at Clowes Memorial Hall in Indianapolis with the Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, the Indianapolis Children’s Choir and four soloists.  CDs may be purchased from the ISC web site , on iTunes, or by calling the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir at (317) 940-9057.  This is the first CD release since 2006.