Michael Markland ’94 will participate in the 20th Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference:  Dynamics of Recent Events in the Arab World:  Framing the Arab and U.S. Responses, hosted by the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations in Washington. D.C on Oct. 27-28.  He will chair the panel discussion on Business, Investment, and Financial Development Dynamics and Prospects.   Video may be available from the council’s web site after the conference.

Mike’s bio states he is a “senior member of Morgan Stanley’s Private Wealth Management team based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with over eighteen years of experience working with families and institutions in the Middle East. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, he worked with other leading financial institutions, founded an international financial and management consultancy based in Dubai and the US, and ran international and government marketing for a technology firm which he helped list on NASDAQ in 2000.”   His dad, Mick Markland from Crawfordsville, shared the news with us.

Mike was an English major at Wabash, and wrote for the Brothers issue of the Wabash Magazine in 2004.

Photo courtesy of
The National Council of U.S.-Arab Relations