Blair Hammer '04

How would you like to be an offensive lineman standing at the line of scrimmage and looking across at that “look”?

Blair Hammer ’04 was one of the most dominant defensive linemen we’ve ever had – just like his brother BJ.  BJ, as you probably know, is our new Defensive Coordinator.  In the “small world” category, Blair is a coach at Westfield High School.  His head coach?  Jake Gilbert ’03, our previous Defensive Coordinator.

I checked in with Blair and asked him what he thought so far about the Little Giants and the defense.  Of course, I got one of those”best my brother” comments – I would have done the same thing.  But I could tell Blair was pleased with our defense and happy for BJ.  After all, brothers can pick on each other but…nobody else dare.

It was a fun day…