There are special people who have served Wabash and her men.  Their impact was great on like thinkers.  Their impact was equally great on those with differing opinions.

Such a man was Ed McLean.

Some will utter “Con Law”…some will mention conservative thought…some will mention the look that drilled right through you.  Many will start with “I remember when Ed…”.  All will be sad.  Sad because somehow Ed was supposed to be here forever…influencing young men to think their own thoughts and defend their own opinions.

However, in the grand scheme of things, we needn’t worry.  After all, Ed’s impact means…presence tense…there are several “Ed clones” out there.  They will take up where Ed left off.  Trust me on this.

Meanwhile, God gets a newcomer at His Scarlet Inn.  But Ed won’t be a rhynie for long…

Safe travels friend…