Final Thoughts from Road Trippers

By Kyle Bender ’12 & Tyler Wade ’12

Days 5 and 6—Evansville and Indianapolis:

Chris Dieg '12 speaks with a fellow Evansville Wabash man

After a good time catching up with Jeff Soller in Louisville and finally getting a hold of Chris Deig ’12 to find out where we would be staying on Monday night, we proceeded to drive around the greater Evansville area and took a detour into Kentucky to see the town of Henderson, where Tyler’s family reunions have been held in the past. We stopped into a great wing place in Henderson for a pre-event snack before heading back into town and the Ri Ra Irish Pub located along Riverside Drive.

We had a great turnout of Evansville area alumni and their spouses, along with parents and current students. One particularly funny part of the night came when a young man walked up to our group, saw the Wabash Road Trip T-shirts and said, “Uh, I don’t think I belong here.” We then asked him what group he was looking for and said that he was meeting with a group of DePauw folks in Evansville. We assume it wasn’t the first time for a DePauw alum to feel lost…

Outside Blackstock Stadium. Book your calendar now for November 12, 2011...

After hanging out with Mr. Deig we woke up early this morning to begin the trek to the Mitchum Crock Golf Outing held at West Chase Golf Club in Brownsburg, IN. On the way to the links we even made time to stop in Tyler’s hometown of Greencastle to take a picture of the Road Trip van in front of Blackstock Stadium…luckily we made it back from behind enemy lines alive.

We arrived in Brownsburg and found that we had been paired with recent graduates Chase Haltom ’10 and Charlie Kelly ’11 in the foursome for the golf scramble. Tyler and Chase both are from Putnam County so it was great to have two Putnam County kids on the same team. Charlie was a golfer for Wabash so we certainly provided his share of good shots on the day. The team finished with a 9-under par 62, five shots off the winning score of 57. All in all it was a great, albeit very hot day.

The Crock completed our 6 day, 7 stop inaugural Wabash Road Trip. We each had a lot of fun and the experience has made us excited to return to campus in a few weeks to begin our last year at the College. As the conclusion of our student experience nears, we know that the love we have for Old Wabash will never cease. This was shown during our road trip, when men of all generations came together to tell stories of their college days and to hear from current students.

Just like all of our stops, we had a great turnout in Evansville!

We began the Road Trip hoping to motivate and energize alums to become more active in their local alumni associations. We return with a greater level of appreciation for what it means to be a Wabash man. Wabash isn’t just for college days alone, but is instead a lifelong commitment that intertwines men of various ages, professions, and skills. We witnessed these moments at each of our stops.

The Road Trip was a successful event and something that will hopefully continue to grow and become one of the many traditions of Wabash. We feel very lucky to have been a part of the inaugural ride.