A Liberal Arts College for Men

We’re nearing the end of the college’s fiscal year,  June 30.  To date, roughly 30% of our alumni body has made a gift to the college.  Think about that.  In a room of 30 loyal alumni, you’d average over 20 who have not made some sort of financial commitment, big or small, to the college.

Can you imagine how high our percentage would be if every alumnus who watched the Monon Bell game, live or on television, made a gift?  Easily over 50%…

So, the Grunge is asking you, as a friend and as a fellow alumnus, to make a gift.  Size doen’t matter on this one.  It isn’t about a name on the Honor Roll or a building named after you.  It’s about saying to our young men that they matter.  Their education matters.

I picked this photo for a reason.  A lot of folks hated these signs when they were new. Those folks were vocal about it as well.  And, while the signs will change, the Wabash behind that sign changes as well.  Believe me, if the college isn’t growing, it’s dying.  There’s no middle ground.

Wabash will be better…with your help.  It will keep the good things you recall…and make them better.  It will make those not-so-good things better…if you invest.

Here’s the link:  www.wabash.edu/alumni/egift

Thanks from the…