Coach Steve House

Coach Steve House – semi-retired – gave the Chapel talk last Thursday.  He didn’t solve world hunger, turn Wabash co-ed, cure AIDS, or give us another perspective on the gentlemen’s rule.

In all but a few minutes, he simply shared some of the funnier moments in his life.  How did it go?  Superbly.  No one fell asleep, for sure.  I think our guys were ready for a break…of any kind.

You see, we’re at that time of the year where the weather changes constantly, papers are due, jobs are needed, finals are looming, internships still need to be found, grad school are waiting for some and others are on the wait list side, and summer vacations are closing in rapidly.

So, a 40 minute break from all that was more than welcome by our young men. (And to tell you the truth, by some really old men there as well.)

At the end of his talk, Coach got serious and talked about how important Wabash was to him and his family.  Special isn’t a special enough word.