We’ve all probably seen the NCAA “dumb jocks” PSA about student/athletes going pro in something other than sports, right? Well, I was thinking of that the other day as the year is drawing to a close and another group of outstanding Wabash student athletes are ending their athletic careers headed for greatness in something else.

A previous post talked about the architecture students in Michael Bricker’s Art 210 class and the student projects. I had to attend the presentation by Joe Johnson ’11 (pictured below). You see, Joe is coming to the end of his career as the starting second baseman for the Little Giant baseball team and is preparing to GO PRO in something else. While I know Joe quite well (a great competitor and campus leader) and have seen him in action on the field and on campus, I thought this to be an opportunity to see one of the many incredible student athletes at Wabash as he prepares for his professional career. All the best to Joe and the rest of the student athletes in the class of 2011 as they graduate.