A Rose by Any Other Name

This week, Professor of Rhetoric Todd McDorman was quoted along with other experts in an Ohio newspaper story about Pete Rose’s chances for being admitted to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball is a passion for McDorman, who carries it into his love of teaching in the classroom. A 2003 story for Wabash Magazine contained an excerpt from McDorman’s essay “The Rhetorical Resurgence of Pete Rose: A Second Change Apologia,” published in Case Studies in Sport Communication.

In March 2010, Prof. McDorman attended the Fourth Summit on Sport and Communication in Cleveland, Ohio. There he presented “Image (Dis)Repair in Pete Rose’s My Prison Without Bars.” The essay was selected for a special issue of the Journal of Communication Studies that was devoted to sport communication. He reprised the presentation the following week at Wally at the Bat, the Wabash campus baseball symposium that was spearheaded by Jon Pactor ’71.

And finally last summer, Lifelong Baseball Fan Todd McDorman made his first ever visit to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, and even played in a game of Town Ball!

Whatever your own opinion on the Pete Rose saga, you have to love Wabash’s liberal arts connecting the academic (Rhetoric) and the sport (Baseball)!