The Grunge's Christmas Train

The Grunge is 61 years old.  When I responded that to a question asked by my grandson Karston, he rolled his eyes and said “Aren’t most people dead by then?”  I assured him I still had a few sorties in me.

And, I’m still a kid at heart at Christmas.

One of my traditions is the Christmas train.  The train runs around an “aux” tree…one of the four or five we have.  The train is a “just because” item.  There’s no reason to have it set up other than “just because”.

I hope you have a few “just becauses” as well.  I have a couple of more.  Smile Train. American Cancer Society.  March of Dimes.  Just like that silly old train, knowing they are there and not going away, and that I helped a little bit, makes me feel better. ..and hopefully someone else does as well.

I hope your other “just because” is Wabash.  Just because you believe in what we do here for young men.  Just because Wabash changed your life.  Just because Wabash men make a difference.  Just because…well…just because.

I’ll be GaBunge starting this weekend.  I have heard there’s already a “spoilage alert” in part of the US.   See you back here in January…

Travel safe…