You already know…I love this event.  Driving home from Chicago yesterday I thought of 57 different reasons that I didn’t need to go this time.  I was tired.  It was cold.  There would be plenty of people there.

All of the whinny stuff. (Correction:  Mr. Avery Nickelson was nice enough to tell me that horses whinny but I was whiney.)

At 9:15 PM (real time was 2115), I jumped in the shower and headed out the door.  I wanted to get there early enough to share Line #3 with the regulars.

Makes It All Worthwhile...and then some.

Here’s a small example of why this is so much fun.  That’s Lexie Hoerl, professor of Political Science, talking with a student.  You can see right away they share the Wabash experience.  She won’t change one bit her grading and the student, if he is in one of her courses, wouldn’t want that to happen.  That’s not the purpose.  The night really is about the Wabash community coming together and wishing the guys the best of luck.

The perfect "flip"

Pat White loves the evening as well.  He’s the Presidential pancake maker as I have said before.  Last night, the challenge was to make a “W” pancake and then flip it perfectly for the completed “W”.  After a practice or two, and a little wrist action coaching by Ethan Hollander (Professor of Political Science), Pat landed a 3 1/2 double twist, flip something-or-other perfectly.

For a few more photos, click here.