As The Wabash World Turns…

Ben Robinson ’01 is a young attorney in the international Law Firm of Jones Day.  Ben’s a member of the Jones Day team in Washington, DC.  Yes, that’s the same Ben Robinson who is affectionately known as “one of the Robinson brothers of Wabash College”.

At Jones Day as well are Scott Medsker ’03 and Greg Castanias ’87.  Greg’s been very good about watching out for Wabash men of promise and getting them to Jones Day.

As it turns out, there was a Robinson-Castanias connection many years ago.  In the photo, highlighted, is a first grader named Greg Castanias.  The teacher, as you can see, was Mrs. Robinson…Terry Robinson…mother of Ben Robinson.

Don’t pay ANY attention to the years on the photo…Greg was in first grade when the Grunge was…

  1. … a senior at Wabash. I can prove that I didn’t cheat. Scout’s Honor.

  2. Tom, I’ll add a little more to this story. I’ve known Ben Robinson for almost ten years now — since the time he was a Wabash senior and I received a letter of high praise and recommendation about Ben from our mutual professor, friend, and mentor, Bill Placher. I even “met” Mrs. Robinson once in Crawfordsville, a couple of years ago, at Little Mexico, when the Robinson family was all on campus for another Robinson’s graduation. But it wasn’t until last week, when I mentioned to Ben that I had attended Spring Mill Elementary School, that he told me his mother had taught there. To say I was dumbfounded by this discovery would be an understatement — I’m pretty sure my mouth just fell open and stayed open.

    We talk about the importance of teachers at Wabash. Mrs. Robinson, who Ben tells me was in her first year of teaching that year (what a coincidence — I was also in my first year of first grade that year), was one of those important teachers in my life — her enthusiasm for teaching all of us little rugrats is something I still remember today (almost 40 years later), and I even recall an Indy 500-themed competition she put on for us, challenging us to read as many books as we could (one book = one space forward on the race track), which really instilled in me a love for reading and words, a love I retain to this day.

    After that year with Mrs. Robinson, it’s no surprise to me that she raised these three amazing and accomplished Wabash men.


    (P.S. I’ll finish that sentence. “Greg was in first grade when the Grunge was just graduated from Wabash College.”)