Greg Huebner H’77 holds the title of Professor of Art.  While that’s impressive, it doesn’t even begin to describe Greg and what he does.  It should be “Maker of artists and men”, teacher of life, artist on his own…”and so on and so on.

Transition #27

Greg’s getting ready to retire and his Art Exhibition “Greg Huebner: Transitions” is on display in the Eric Dean Gallery until December 10, 2010.  That means you can swing by when you’re back for the Bell Game, or picking your son up for Thanksgiving, or…well, there just doesn’t need to be another reason at all.

It’s times like these that we’re left to wonder “Who can replace…”  It will happen, for sure.  But there are a lot of talented young men out there, pro artists or somewhat less talented, who are better because of Greg.   And “better” isn’t simply referring to art – they are better men…

Thanks Greg.

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