Hokies vs. Terps

OK…I didn’t go to Kenyon….   I had the opportunity to watch three major sporting events in the space of four hours and just couldn’t pass it up.  The first game was the Hokies vs. the Terps and it ended up with the Hokies scoring late in the game to claim a 7-0 victory.  The other two sporting events were a couple of soccer matches.

In the photo, Coley Runge (age 11), starting right tackle for the Hokies, seals off the BIG defensive end for the Terps allowing a nice gain.

In the other matches, Owen Runge (age eight) did a great job of playing mid-fielder in a tough loss and Max (age five today!!!)  scored a couple of goals in a kind-of-win (no scores are kept!)

A great weekend for GaBunge…now back to Grunge!