Rokita '92 Receives Taiwan's Highest Award

The Taiwanese government recently presented Todd Rokita ’92 with its highest award, the Friend of Foreign Service.  The Taiwan government made the presentation to honor Rokita’s leadership and diplomatic efforts in building a strong and vibrant working relationship between Indiana and Taiwan.

For the complete story, click here.

Congrats Todd! 

Photo – Rokita poses with Taiwan’s Perry Pei-hwang Shen

World's Greatest Phi Delts

Sometimes, I am tempted just to post something with absolutely no verbage.  This probably should be one of those times.

But, you see, this isn’t the first All Time Great Phi Delts card I have seen – I recall one from several years ago.  Obviously there have been some big changes in the top spots since I saw the card last.

Jim Baker?  Wasn’t he Tammy Faye’s husband?  Benjamin Harrison?  Wasn’t he famous for building Army forts?

Anyway, I was very proud to see Wallies in three of the top ten spots but I was saddened to think that Rich and Joe were so far down.

Other good news?  Arthur Anderson seems to have been revived with some new partners!

New Web Blog Software – Grunge Could Be Cloudy

WabCo is getting new blog software.  The blogs will be down most of Wednesday and Thursday so the Grunge will take a mini-vacation AND we may see some GOS (Grunge Operating System) challenges with the new software.

It might be a little "cloudy" – just like this shot from Chicago on August 9th…taken thru the windscreen (windshield).  Note I was following three officers of the law – they never checked their six.

Made by Singer?

Brent Harris gave me a little tour this morning of the on-going field turf installation.  By the way, the field looks great!

You’ve seen the construction coverage by Kyle Bender, who has done a superb job.

Brent pointed out this "sewing machine" – this is the device that they use to sew the field turf pieces together.  Looks like a sewing machine and acts like a sewing machine.  Must be a sewing machine…industrial strength.

Once they get the field down, then they cut out spaces for the yard markers, the "W", and all the other markings.  They’ll also install the little rubber pieces (technical term!) that get raked into the turf.  Here’s a close-up of the field turf before it gets the top coat.  Those rubber pellets, if you will, settle to the turf’s "scalp" and that gives the field more natural feel. 


Wabash Father and Son Golf – FUN!

I caught up with the Borrelli – Cassady team during the Chicago golf outing earlier this week.  They were having a load of fun.

That’s proud father Sam Borrelli, his son Sam – Class of 2007, Bob Cassady – Class of 2012, and his equally-proud father Tom. 

I followed them for two holes and both were birdies!  I offered to continue to follow them for $10 a hole but I received no takers…

Sam junior and Bob are both fine examples of the benefits of a Wabash experience – they are fine young men in every way, shape, and form.  No wonder those Dads are so proud! 


Purdue's Hummel Ready- Thanks to Shelbourne

The Lafayette paper on Sunday had almost two full pages on Purdue basketball star Robbie Hummel covering his ACL injury, resultant surgery, and recovery.

Our Don Shelbourne ’72 is the surgeon who performed the surgery and whose techniques for follow-on therapy are bringing Hummel back to 100%.  Don performs about 130 such surgeries each year – mostly on athletes.

It’s pretty impressive to think that an ACL injury, once a career-ending injury, can be fully repaired and the athlete can go back to a high level of play.  Don Shelbourne has been a leader in this field for many years. 


Quick Field Update

Sunday afternoon.  Had to run into the office to get a few things done…and see if I still have an office.  (You never know when the Angel of Unemployment will drop your stuff into a cardboard box!) 

Swung by Hollett Stadium for a peek on the way home…

It looks as if everything is ready for carpet installation. (Home Depot advertises $139 for the whole house – would that work?).  Speaking of carpet…I found it, I think.

"The greatest turf on earth"…well, I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…but we have plenty…

Can wait for the Wooster game!



Smart Phone App for Wabash

We recently surveyed young Wabash alumni about a Wabash application for their smartphones.  Fully 75% of the respondents said they would download and use a Wabash smartphone application if it were available.  That the number could have even been higher as 16% of the guys responding said they don’t have a smartphone.

For the gee-whiz, the largest group of smartphone users has an iPhone followed by the Blackberry and Droid.

I’ll keep you posted on the next steps.