Brent Harris gave me a little tour this morning of the on-going field turf installation.  By the way, the field looks great!

You’ve seen the construction coverage by Kyle Bender, who has done a superb job.

Brent pointed out this "sewing machine" – this is the device that they use to sew the field turf pieces together.  Looks like a sewing machine and acts like a sewing machine.  Must be a sewing machine…industrial strength.

Once they get the field down, then they cut out spaces for the yard markers, the "W", and all the other markings.  They’ll also install the little rubber pieces (technical term!) that get raked into the turf.  Here’s a close-up of the field turf before it gets the top coat.  Those rubber pellets, if you will, settle to the turf’s "scalp" and that gives the field more natural feel.