Jared Stark, Class of 1995, was recently featured in the Indianapolis Star.  He’s now the Executive Director of the St. Francis Hospital-Moorseville. His story is a great one as it encapsulates the Wabash experience in a nutshell. For the story, click here.

The Liberal Arts Education.   Jared was a history major at Wabash.  His first job was in the book publishing business with RR Donnelley.  But he was ready for anything.

Along came this Wabash alumnus. Dave Callecod ’89 helped Jared gets his start in healthcare management and is still a mentor to Jared today.

It Won’t Be Easy, It Will Be Worth It.  Jared’s hard work, vision, and leadership were the skills which set him apart from the rest of the pack. From the first job in the publishing business to where he is today, Jared has proven his worth…and his potential.

Man I love these kinds of stories – difference makers in action.