1,100 blogs since 2005 – enough for a lifetime…and more than enough for a person called "Grunge".

Thanks to the 9 faithful readers who endured bad spelling, bad grammar, and not infrequent bad judgment.  One part-time reader suggested I start a spelling blog!!!

Thanks to the faculty members who pointed out that my style of writing was well below the expectations of these hallowed halls…I took those as positive comments!

Thanks to the supervisors who questioned me on wasting my time on the blog – it took 5 years but I finally got it.  Remember, I am just a poor, dumb fighter pilot.

Thanks, in sincerity, to the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way every single day to give us the freedom to write dumb blogs.  You, my friends, are the real heroes, not those who question why you couldn’t get / didn’t want a "real" job.  They are a bunch of…