New York, New York is one of the new (to Grunge) hotels on the Strip…looks like a cross between the real NYC and Disneyworld.

250-plus aviators and their wives packed into a pub last night with a max capacity of 180…great times had by all.  Several guys made trips from overseas…virtually every state represented.

Here’s a no-brainer…wives have aged much better than the guys!

It’s served to remind me why reunions are SO important from the attendee’s perspective.  Think about these statements I heard over and over:

We were all in it together.
We were family.
We worked hard and played hard.
It changed our lives forever.
I can’t imagine doing anything different.
I’d go back in a heartbeat.

So to all of you on the fence about your next Big Bash, don’t stay there…commit.  It just means too much to stay home.

Gotta get a little rest…another long night approaching!