I know…it’s a winter shot and it’s April.  That’s Garden of the Gods in the foreground and Pikes Peak in the distance.  However, there were reports of snow in Chicago yesterday and this morning in beautiful Lafayette it’s 31 degrees!

Runge will be out next week.  He’ll make the transition to GaBunge on Saturday in the Springs.  On Tuesday, he’ll revert to the real Grunge as he and CINCGrunge (Carol) attend a reunion of 48th Tactical Fighter Wing F-111 drivers in…Vegas.  Jim Roper ’68 is planning to be there…300 folks in all. 

It will be great to see our friends, let the political correctness guard down just a little, and just have fun. Its been way too long.  Unless someone makes me an offer I can’t refuse in the Springs or in some "operation" out near Nellis AFB, NV, we’ll be back in a week.  In other words, see you next week!

I’ll try to get some photos from Colorado…and of Vegas.