Wally At The Bat – Don't Let the Title Fool You

Don’t let the title – "Wally At The Bat" – fool you.  The Symposium next week isn’t any comic laughing matter – but it will be fun.

The Symposium, which begins next Friday (March 26, 2010), will offer several interesting presentations:

–  Rhetoric Professor Todd McDorman will present  “Image (Dis)Repair in Pete Rose’s My Prison Without Bars."  Todd is scheduled to offer the same presentation at Cooperstown!

–  Trustee Bob Wedgeworth ’59 will present "Only the Ball Was White" (Life in the old Negro Leagues).  Don’t miss this presentation on a cornerstone of professional baseball.

There are many, many more, featuring: Steve Morillo, Tobey Herzog, Chris Carr ’82, Greg Redding ’88 and more.

There’s a reception and dinner that Friday evening and whiffle ball on Saturday.  

For more information on the entire program and to get the link to RSVP, click here.

Registration cutoff is tomorrow so make plans now!

Honors Is Almost Here

Honor Scholars this coming weekend – the banners are set and soon we’ll have 400, give or take a couple, prospective Wabash men wandering campus.

It’s always a great weekend – I am sure many of you can think back to your Honor Scholars weekend.

In some ways a rite of passage?  Maybe not in the grand scheme of Chapel Sing or fraternity initiation.  But it’s still an important stop on the Wabash Man highway of life.

My take?  They are a lot younger than they used to be!



Tony Lentych '89 Appointed to State Board

The Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, has appointed Tony Lentych ’89 to the State’s Housing Development Authority.  He will serve as an independent representative.

The Housing Development Authority provides financial and technical assistance to create and preserve affordable housing.  For the complete story, click here.  

Thanks to Greg Estell ’85 for the "scoop".

Congratulations Tony!

2009-2010 Calendar Photos

Many of you have asked about the spectacular photos from this year’s college calendar.  Well, thanks to the professional shooters in our PR group – Jim Amidon, Steve Charles, Kim Johnson, Howard Hewitt, and Brent Harrishere they are.   The high res versions are cropped for 8" by 10".


For The Love Of The Game

Well, you usually don’t see me feature anything but Wabash…but watching the UT-Dallas starting catcher manicure the home plate area made me really focus on what’s important about DIII sports – they play for the love of the game.  I could see that in their team and most certainly in the Little Giants. Our future doctors, lawyers, business leaders play the game for real – the way it was meant to be played.  Coach Stevens has them focused on all  the right things.

It was a great day for DIII baseball. 


Wabash Baseball Fans

We’re only 1,000 miles or so from campus…but I pulled into LeTourneau in Longview, Texas to find some Wabash baseball fans.  These fans were there to cheer on the Little Giants and catch a few rays as well.  It was only in the upper 70’s!!!  

The Little Giants didn’t disappoint, showing a lot of firepower.

Longview, for those who don’t know Texas, is 600 miles on I-20 from the western state border.  That’s right, 600 miles.  Think Indianapolis, IN to Washington, DC.

Today we’re at UT-Dallas and then the Dallas-Ft. Worth alumni group is hosting the team for dinner.  Tomorrow the guys play early then tour the Dallas Cowboys stadium. 

Wabash Alumni Going To Italy – Are You?

OK – here’s the deal.  There’s room for about 24 folks to make the trip to Italy with Professor Bill Cook ’66 – that’s it and it will be full.  Don’t hesitate and here’s why!

Bill’s trips are NOT tourist trips.  Oh, you’ll see plenty.  But Bill isn’t a tour guide – he’s your personal historian along to make sure you get the full amount of information  Plus, somehow Bill has the "keys" to the places tourists simply can not go.  Finally, this is not a weight-watchers  trip.  He KNOWS the best places to eat…and you might just taste a bottle or two of Italy’s finest.

For all the scoop, click here.


And They're Off!

Today is the last day of classes before spring break.  Of course, many of our guys are headed to the beaches of Florida and Texas… that’s what spring break is for, right?

Well, many others are taking immersion class trips and still others are involved in a sport or activity that makes for a fun trip.  I’ll be with the baseball team for a couple of days in/near Dallas, Texas are where they’ll be playing virtually every day.  We’ll have a dinner next Wednesday evening with local alumni, parents, and the team – 70 folks in all.  It will be tough to take in the 60 degree temperatures and great Tex-Mex…but I’ll gut my way through it!

The Tennis Team will be in Florida and the Golf Team will be in Arizona.   The Glee Club is touring the Midwest.  (If you live in one of those areas, you’ve already received an email about those performances.)












I’ll try to post some game photo albums while I am away.  Meanwhile, check all the Wabash blogs to follow our guys wherever they may be over break.

Brent Kent '09 Picked For Campaign

Brent Kent ’09 has been selected as a field representative for Indiana State Sen. Brandt Hershman’s bid for a Congressional Seat.

Brent completed an internship with the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee in Washington, D.C. before this latest move.  He also lived the Wabash Mission Statement when he taught classes on democracy in a West Bank refugee camp.

After the West Bank experience, he was selected for the highly competitive Indiana Governor’s Fellowship, a competitive program giving recent graduates experience in various state agencies.

For the article on Brent, click here.


John Barr '84 Joins Jackson Lewis Firm

John Barr, Class of 1984, has joined the law firm Jackson Lewis as a partner.  Jackson Lewis is one of the largest and fastest growing workplace law firms in the country.

Previously, John had served as the Commissioner of the Department of Labor for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  He also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Richmond.

John’s a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Wabash and a Cum Laude graduate fomr the Harvard Law School in 1987.

Congratulations John!