Honors Starts Today

Honors starts in just an hour or so.  400 young men visiting…trying to decide if Wabash is their college.

They are easy to spot.  Red folders are a giveaway as is the "deer in the headlights" look.  The other one is the high school letterman’s jacket.  In a few short months that will permanently be sent to the back of the closet.

So, what can you do?  Well, spend a few short moments thinking about the good old days and your visits to Wabash.  Bet there will be a grin spread across your face.  Then, pick up the phone!  

That’s right.  In a day or two call the young man you referred, the young man down the street, the young man your sons/daughters know, and ask about the weekend.  Encourage them by answering all their questions or getting them in touch with the right folks here (especially with Financial Aid).  It will make you feel good and really help them with their decision.